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Incomplete API results for flight 3S534 on 8th Feb

We noticed that the API results received on 8th Feb for flight 3S534 are incomplete.
Can you help to check is this a glitch or due to other reasons?

The flight 3S534 on 2021-02-08 as tracked as a position-only flight for the majority of its duration. More information about position-only flights is available here.

Does position-only flight mean the result returned will be incomplete?

The message we received is as below which doesn’t seem to be correct.(I inserted the screenshot as I am not allowed to insert links in the post. FYI, the file name was result.1091040010.3S534.3S534.0.20210209150244)

Do you mean we can only expect to receive return messages as such for ‘position-only flights’?

Seek your kind clarifications.