Incomplete Actual Route on Map


I have noticed recently that maps no longer show the route of the plane all the way to landing. I have been on flights where we circled around several times, but then when I look at the map, none of that is shown. An example I saw tonight was for RPA 1784: Based on the route that was shown, I can tell that they went east over Lake Michigan, turned to the left and then landed to the west. The route cuts off as they turn to the east and that last turn is not shown.

How can I see the complete actual route on the map?


The last bit is omitted when they receive their landing clearance as IFR flight following is essentially terminated at that point.

You can assume in most cases that they continued on their current heading in to land, unless they were on a turning visual approach where you are given landing clearance before being on runway heading (like the LGA Expressway Visual).