Inaccurate on-ground aircraft positions


I am working on a project that aims to display on-ground aircraft positions and information for any given airport (current or predicted). My queries were made with a different account.

I have used the Search function of FlightXML2 and queried for lat/long boxes corresponding to the area of some airports, however the flight data received when near an airport seems very inaccurate.
For example, two airplanes were said to be at the exact same position, in the middle of the tarmac, and this did not change for several minutes. Some flights are said to still be on the ground (altitude-wise) while outside the airport (eg. on a freeway), while others flying above the airport do not move for dozens of minutes. And only very few flights are returned with a Search query near an airport when compared to other flight position providers.

I read on this forum that you used to not provide any ground information (post191534.html#p191534). You indeed seem to not specify position after landing when looking at the history of some flights on your siteā€¦

Do you still not provide ground information then? If you do, is there any better function to query for this type of data in FlightXML2?
Would your Firehose live feed provide better data for on-ground planes? If yes, what is the rate for access to Firehose?


Ground positions are still not available through FlightXML or our website, and this is expected to remain the same for several more months at least. I would not expect you to be able to receive any ground positions under the current interfaces.

We are currently in the process of implementing a new version of Firehose that will provide exclusively ground positions for airports where we have coverage from ASDE-X or ADS-B. The pricing of Firehose is negotiated as a part of your service contract and is dependent upon your intended distribution purposes. I recommend you contact Max Tribolet so that he can better understand your needs and keep you informed about the upcoming availability of the ground-based Firehose feed.