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In what parts of the world does FA have no or almost no covereage?


Would like to explore FA’s ‘uncovered’ ADSB territory; the opposite of the coverage map. Any ideas on how to do that and have information on what cites, regions, …, are uncovered?


Just look at the coverage map?

Also unchecking the box for Aireon coverage helps because that’s basically global coverage.

Or you can turn it on to check if there is any ADSB traffic in that area.


Yeah, looking at the difference between the Aireon & ADS-B coverage maps is a good start.
Setting an altitude filter to look at perhaps <10k ft will help a bit too.

The tl;dr is: much of central Africa, some parts of the Middle East, central Asia, China, Oceania.

(mlat coverage is a separate question…)


That can be deceiving as well if no low level aircraft are around :slight_smile:


Good suggestion: 1) no filter is an indication of commercial traffic being seen 2) filter might be indicator of GA traffic only in the area
But the information I’m really for is how do we know if the areas of no coverage are, in fact, coverable (you know, have power and Wi-Fi available). Our maps don’t zoom in enough to show small, rural cities in uncovered areas. I did make a suggestion to change the map base to Google Maps. No, really, I did.


Google maps requires now (since July 2018) an expensive license for commercial use: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/sheet/
Bing maps are free for individual use, not sure for commercial.

Also, in regard to China - the local government made it illegal to share ADS-B signals to parties outside of China. Illegal as in spying. So there is no need to “zoom in” there.


For the population of these territories, the Internet and computers are too expensive. This is a consequence of the very weak economies of these countries. And as a result - the lack of enthusiasts with technical education and hobbies.


Some parts of the world receive donations of computers, very cheap internet compared to western standards…
They still don’t care to use them. It’s a… let’s say… cultural thing?

So they don’t use Internet because they don’t have it. Or they don’t have it because they don’t use it. Chicken or egg question.


Only coast line