In the Air Flight Not Listed

Currently, there is a flight from AMS to YVR (two of them actually are in the air at the same time):

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines #681
Dep: Dec 16th 530p - AMS
Arr: Dec 17th, 625p - YVR

Problem is, the tracker only picks up the one departing on the 18th. I’m looking for the one that departed on the 16th and is scheduled to arrive at YVR on December 17th. I know it’s delayed a few hours, so I’m looking to see where it is in the air right now.

And, at this point in time, the same flight number #681 has departed on the 17th from AMS, but it’s not showing in the tracker view either.

The only flight is brings up is the one scheduled for departure on Dec 18th from AMS.

The history shows periodic listings, but it does not include the Dec 16th departure flight.

It’s a bug in the web interface. The underlying cause is that we hide flights that are a couple hours in the past and haven’t departed yet to avoid clutter with multiple flightplans. If we don’t have a feed from the carrier, we don’t know that they departed the foreign country until they hit US airspace, so they’re hidden for a few hours.
We’re working on the best way to resolve it without cluttering other flights.