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Hallo guys !

I have a partucular request for you all flightaware users .

Is it possible , is there any tool on flight aware or any other system accesible via web from your experience that can tell us , with 100% of trust , that our flightplan is in the US atc system ?
(we file from switzerland )
We would like to be sure 100% that with our “filing” systems the plans goes directly to the ATC for each flight . And check it .

Thanx in advance !

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Not quite sure I understand what you are asking, but if you are talking about a flight outside the US, see the frequently asked questions which may have the answer to your question.



My suggestion is to use your system to file flight plans. For the first few plans filed, call the center where they are filed to confirm that they have received them.

If the flights are originating overseas (i.e. outside of the USA), then you should check with the local ATC. They will, naturally, forward the flight to USA ATC once the flight is underway.

If you are talking about filing a domestic USA flight plan then check with the originating ATC for that flight.


Duat ( is officially licensed by the FAA to accept flight plans, among other things. They accept both US domestic as well as ICAO plans. Is it 100% certain, no. Nothing, including talking to Flight Service is completely foolproof in my experience. If I want to be sure my plan is on file, I usually file electronically and then call Flight Service to be sure that it is in the system.


Our feed comes from “the system”, so it if appears as a future flight on your aircraft’s page then you can be reasonably certain that US ATC has your flight plan.


I think FSS is now the LEAST reliable method for filing IFR flight plans since LM took over, although they have gotten a lot better in the last couple of months. Anytime someone calls for a clearance and it’s not in the system, I ask how they filed – the only two answers I have ever gotten are “through Flight Service” or “My company filed it”.

Sorry for the tangent . . .



I gave up on FSS since

I use Duats for filing and my briefings.