Ilyushin Il-76TD cross wind landing

This morning a rare bird caught landing with cross wind…

Talk about an ugly plane! :open_mouth:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

It doesn’t have its beauty like the 788 or 777LR 8)

Define beauty. The 787 and 777 are attractive. Go find a picture of a comet… Or a ford trimotor… Better yet, get mom and dad to take you to the NASM ASAP… Understand the heritage of aviation and where it’s come from before you fall in love with the newest of the new.

Find out, for yourself, why that airplane has all the windows on its nose… Then you’ll appreciate it’s beauty.

Not ugly. Not quite as good looking as a C-141 but still good looking.

The 777, 767, A330, and many other twin engine planes produced today are just boring. As jimcander says, there are, in his (and my) opinion) many more beautiful planes.

Boeing 727
Boeing 737-100 and -200
DC-8, especially the -61 and -63 but not the 70 series
Boeing 707 and its brother the 720
Airbus A340

And, with the exception of the A340, these jets sounded like real jets, not pansies.

Go to Wikipedia to look at these aircraft and their histories.

And that’s just the jets. There’s many prop and turboprops I think are much better looking than the boring crop of jetliners like the 737NG, Airbus A320 family, etc.

Hear, hear!!

Gee Bee R-1
The Bone

My all time favorite? A-5 Vigilante…

One of my Pilots on the EA-3 was a former Vigi Photo pilot.

Some of our flights were very interesting :slight_smile:

Tell me more then kill me!!! Lololololol

naw, no need. We used to do a lot of Low Level reccee that were below treetop, as he demonstrated some of his photo runs. Now when Im old an gray
I feel like I dodge a bullet, but back then at 19 I thought it was great fun. Except for explaining how Palm fronds got into the wing tips to the skipper :slight_smile:.

Wow. No cocoanut dents in the skin though?? :wink:

Nope, just clipped the top in a little too much bank in the turn (and a rapid rollout climb shortly after).

There was a Nude bathing beach rumored to be somewhere along the coast of the Philippines near the base (NAS CUBI)
and we were trying to recon it :slight_smile:

What was the resolution of the gear you used to carry… :slight_smile:

It does not seem ugly, I think it’s spectacular, a very rare plane in Spain (comes sometimes from Equatorial Guinea) and the sharp sound of its four engines not leave you indifferent …

Wasn’t a photo plane, EA-3B is an electronic warfare plane.

Pilot was former Vigi photo pilot just showing us how it was done :slight_smile:.

We were on a training mission called FACIT … An Acronym Ive long since forgotten what it really means.

We called it F#$# around Call it Training.

Ah, silly me… The “Whale.” … _1987.JPEG

That EA was with my 2nd tour, I didn’t fly A-3s in that tour (I got older and wiser) I flew on the EP-3E then.

My First EW tour was with VQ-1 out of NAS Agana Guam, Tail Code PR. I did dets on the 74 Cruise of the
USS Ranger and the 75 Cruise of the USS Midway.

VQ-2 (Tail code JQ) I flew from Jan 79 to Jan 82.

I thought it was a fine looking plane. I was fascinated by how it would seem to just be suspended in mid-air, hanging there, while it was actually descending forward.