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Can you instruct me on how to ignore a particular user? I dislike his attitude and input on this forum and would really rather not even waste my time scrolling through his posts. Thanks.


Don’t believe you can.

The best way to ignore that person is when you see his screen name on the left side of a posting is to scroll past that posting.


I don’t believe you can other than by exercising enormous self restraint, something I frequently lack sad to say. :wink:


IRONIC :unamused:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Yea, I kinda figured it was me. Hey, if you don’t like what I post then just don’t read it. But, believe it or not, even if someone just about always disagrees with me, I still read his postings. Sometimes we agree.


cough TimCoble cough



Truth be told, I read every entry of David’s under the topics I look through. He’s right: I do agree with a ton of things he says (use Search) am ambivalent on others (Travolta’s being news over ‘regular people’ not making headlines are still important) and still disagree on some others (politics especially, but that nudity thing also still bugs me).
I am here to learn.
With 30 years of flying and more than that in IT, I still find that people who have more depth than me will help me see something I didn’t know when I woke up this morning. On the other hand, attitude is everything. On some other boards, I find myself scrolling by some names that raise my blood pressure just by seeing their avatar. I am guessing that’s my loss in some cases, but I am willing to live with it.


“You’ll never learn anything if the only voices you listen to are the ones with which you agree.”


I should have also added that I sometimes even learn something from someone I disagree with on most subjects.


Let me add, one learns not by hearing, but by listening…

That is an art by itself. :slight_smile:


Well put sir(s).

Dami, play nice…lol :wink:


I just wish he’d choose a side and stick to it…

FWIW, this seems to be some flavor of phpBB… there is a newer version out there that allows for ignoring users…


Yeah, I have used a board or two (not this flavor) that has the ignore feature.

Unfortunately, the filtering isn’t applied to “quoted” replies in addition to the originator of the person I wanted to ignore, so I found it useless. :frowning:


It seems to me if you ignore a user then you run the chance of not being able to follow a thread. If A says something then B replies, followed by C, D, and E then A says something again that is in reply to C and you have ignored C then you don’t know what A means. Know what I mean, Vern?

Me? Even if it was offered, I wouldn’t block anybody, even if I am on polar opposites of what that person says. As mentioned, listening (or hearing) someone can teach someone, even if it’s not what the person wants to hear.


You ought to put your own words into practice then. You seem to be so full of so many opinions yet don’t seem to follow any of them yourself.


I just went cross-eyed…


Cross-eyed? I have full vertigo.
…and you must think the meds have taken me over completely, but I agree…I think…