Ignore this user

Any way you can add a Ignore this user feature on the fourm? So that when viewing a thread you will not see anything posted by the person you are ignoring.

This might bring back some of the people we miss, and stop some of the fights that we see in the forum.

Thanks guys (I know you’d rather work on flight tracking stuff)

There is already an ignore feature. In fact, it’s built right in on your keyboard. It’s the key with a vertical line and a “V”" at the bottom of said line.

that hurts flyboy…I didnt know you felt that way…now I have guilt…and Im feling insecure…


But…I do sooo now wat u mean!

We’ve modified a piece of third party forums software to use, but we don’t do much development with it.

I have been more active lately about banning (temporarily or permanently) disruptive users.

Yeah my butt is still red.

Are you bragging or complaining? :smiling_imp:

I think I know who we’re all talkin’ about…

(Thanks to Wazzu for the image)

The “ignore” function is built into your brain, not the website. Enable it now.