IFR routes KAPF to KEYW


In the analysis of IFR routes KAPF to KEYW, most list the route simply as “MARC”. Should this be MARCI (an intersection just south of KAPF) or is the FAA now using 4-letter identifiers for something? I thought intersections, STARS, SIDS, etc. used 5-letter idents.



In the analysis of IFR routes from KAPF to KMIA, all of the routes just list GENE. What the heck is GENE? Doesn’t seem to be a SID or a STAR or an intersection. Incidentally, fsroute.com/ (a site that checks IFR flight plans for accuracy) does not accept GENE as a route.


My guess is that it is a quick way for the controllers to input “direct”. I guess MARC and GENE are the controllers names? Or maybe just a “known” routing for the controllers to use. It appears from the tracks to be basically radar vectors and then direct. I’ve flown APF-EYW before and that’s what we were given.

I’m going to get the answer for you… standby.


I would not trust my real world IFR routing (or even compare my own planning) against a website that is for flight simulation in which the above website is designed for.

Also note in the above website the data is clearly outdated as the data is from October 2006 per upper part of the screen.