IFR flight today (Test Shot)


Are you allowed to Hot link photo’s… (answer below)

FlightAware had me just south of Nashville FL090, heading due south to sunny Fla!

Cloud deck (tops) 040, base 009


What FPS are you getting! Great pic!




Feet Per Second ?

(This must have been the question I got wrong on my FAA exam)



Yes, but you need to use BBCode image tags (I corrected yours).


Wow. Photos like that are what make me really want to get my instrument rating.

As it is, I’m working on getting my private and that kinda weather follows me around when I’m scheduled to flyl


FPS = Frames Per Second. From your photo’s, I’d say, infinite :wink:


Uhh, it’s a photo. It’s 0 frames per second.

Are you talking shutter speed maybe?


Beautiful pictures BC! If you’re heading down this week, our weather here in South Florida is Chamber of Commerce perfect!


LOL, sorry, kind of a flight sim joke. :wink:

Those clouds look like ice in the first pic, really cool. Nothing more awesome than being above the clouds like that, it’s like a new world.


I’ve got some pics of IFR flights I did in training. Serveral in Florida. Now that I’ve got my IFR single and multi, I don’t know what I did without it!



Since we are on the topic of sharing flight experiences :smiley:

One of my best landings can be seen at
archive.org/details/ALieberm … fromMBOavi
I have sized the file down t 13 meg.

For a night touch and go, if you go to
archive.org/details/ALieberm … fromMBOavi
Centerline lighting shows up real nice in this video.
This file I have sized it down to 10 meg.

For a night landing at my home airport MBO go to
archive.org/details/ALieberm … nding17MBO VASI and runway
lighting shows up nicely.
7 meg is this file size.

As you can see, I like to give that stall horn a good workout with my low
and slow landings.

If you have high bandwidth, if you go to
archive.org/details/ALieberm … ingfromMBO
this was an ILS where I broke out at 1000 feet AGL. This video is high
resolution so that the instrument panel looks real nice in full screen.
Since I was asked to keep my speed up, stall horn barely chirps on touch
down. File size weighs in at 65 meg after downloading. Not sure why the
web page reports 100 meg.

If you go to
archive.org/details/ALieberm … achintoMBO and
download the video, this is a clip of one my circle to land approaches down
to minimums.

While, not videos,
archive.org/details/ALieberm … omOhiotoMS has pictures of
my last flight from Ohio to MS. Just click on the link for the .jpg to view the pictures.

I call them the many faces of flight.
File sizes are less then 50kb per picture (5 pics) If experiencing these
pics doesn’t give one incentive for getting their instrument rating, I
don’t know what would!

Hope everybody enjoys them as much as I had flying them! :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Allen,

I tried to look at your stuff, I could hear the audio, but just got a white screen on the player…Hummmm?


Hmmm is right, I cannot replicate your problem.

I was able to play it with it streaming and also right clicking and downloading it.

They are “standard” Windows .avi format. I have Windows 10.0 media player on my Windows XP system.



bcfly, did you pick up any ice in clouds that thick? And how long did it take to get through them? Looks like you were flying a 152.


Hi Bri,

NO ICE, but I think that was due to a slight inversion where it was actually a little warmer in the clouds than it was on the ground. (right at freeezing) And the fact that my exposure was limited, I was getting about 1200 fpm climb rate in the nice cold air so I wasn’t in it for too long.

I was flying the bigger fatter sister of the 152 :laughing: It’s my 182S


Great flying on such a level undercast. I had the great experience of doing that one time. I was flying a 172 from Seattle to Portland. KBFI - KTTD actually. I broke out on top at 5000 as I was climbing to my assigned altitude of 7000. I quickly requested 5000 and was approved by Seattle Center to maintain 5000. It is such an awesome feeling to be skimming the cloud tops. An experience I won’t soon forget.


Wow, a 182S that is a sweet aircraft. And it’s yours?
It is definitely a sweet IFR platform.
I’ve got 300+ hours and haven’t been able to complete my Instrument Rating because of $> Probably just as well.
I envy all you guys. :confused:


Hey Skyking, sounds like an AWESOME experience, did you see any mountian tops poking thru the soup? I would have skysurfed home except for the temp, most ice is in the tops of the cloud layer. Plus I’m a chicken, If I had to shoot a power out approach in IMC down to 900ft, I would rather have 9,000ft to get ready for it :slight_smile: But this spring and summer I hope to be doing a lot of cloudsurfing.

awesam…She’s mine all mine, and she is a great airplane. I did ALL of my IFR training in it and it was a BLAST! The lord has blessed me for sure! The instrument ticket is tough, I just got mine back in the summer. If you can find the money, stick with it. I almost quit, not because of $ money but of frastration, finally things came together and I started to “Get it”! IFR checkride was one the toughest, happiest day of my life.

Here is some cloud surfing from this summer! Woo Hoo!

Cheers guys,



I like being between layers in the “pillow sandwich.”



…Those aren’t Pillows…(Steve Martin)

Dbaker, that is an outstanding picture! I LOVE THAT STUFF! How long did it last, how high were the layers!