IFR flight showing scheduled, when already done


I just got back from flying Sioux 55 (NDU55) IFR, and I tracked it on FA, and noticed that it says scheduled. Same thing with Sioux 20 on the 25th of March and Sioux 39 on the 24th, my last 3 flights… All of those flights were IFR, and all in my logbook as I was the pilot… How come none of them show up on FA as actually departing?

I’m thinking that maybe it is because this would be considered a tower-to-tower enroute clearance, and Center never was notified of our departure, just the TRACON. Does FA’s data come from Center computers? Is there any way to fix that problem with local IFR flights?


I have noticed the same thing with UND flights. If you look at the GFK page, most say “delayed.” I started to think the same about the TRACON, since many of them stick around Grand Forks and shoot approaches there.