Ideal specs for photo submissions


What are the ideal specs for photo uploads? Most photo sites will have their preferred specs, with maximum photo sizes, types, to avoid compression, etc. Any guidance will be appreciated.


The bigger the better! Our system will downscale it if necessary.


I think the most imortant thing is that you actually took the picture, a lot of military pics on here are strait off of Google images.


That’s no lie…and what sucks is that those pictures ripped from google images or off the official military web sites are drowning out the military pictures that people on this site legitimately take.

But in regards to posting a photo, put in aircraft type and registration if possible…you’ll tend to get a higher rating (at least from me) if you have at least some information about the aircraft.
If you’ve got some information about the aircraft attached to your photo, you’ll usually see at least a three star rating from me (unless its a really badly taken photograph).

No information = 1 star (could be the most beautiful image in the world, but without any information, I don’t give it a second look).
Not Aviation centric (for example, a supermodel with a random aircraft in the background, or any other photo where the aircraft is not the primary focus) = 1 star.
Not your photo (from Wikipedia or google images) = definitely 1 star.
Not your photo that’s copyrighted elsewhere = reported.

I never understood the fascination with posting other peoples work here, public domain or not, especially with no information regarding the original photographer. If it’s a photo that’s a public domain picture, at least put in the comments section that it’s a public domain photograph and that it’s not yours. It’s disingenuous to all the people on here that actually spend time creating the amazing photos that you get to see.



I like the size of the the NWA 757 you posted, one can see the largest size on a monitor with out scrolling left to right and up and down. I don’t see the point of posting original files as they are to big, unless you don’t mind giving away your original photo for a right-click.