Icon disappeared


I created a shortcut to FA on my desktop from the home page when I signed up. It had a neat icon. Today the icon is gone. Not in the trash, not on the computer and not in the FA address bar. Only the iE icon in it’s place.

I turned everything off last night like I always do and I haven’t changed or installed anything.

What am I missing here ? (other than the FA icon)

Not a big deal… but sure makes me wonder…


something really strange here… now the icon is back on the FA home page… but I can’t get it on my desktop… yet.


Try deleting the bookmark from your desktop and creating a new one.


This is sooo strange…

This morning no FA page had an icon to the left of http:// unless it was the iE icon. Later the home page and only that page had the FA icon, but I still could not put a shortcut on my desktop and have that icon.

I tried several times, deleting and then putting a shortcut back on my desktop, different pages, all to no avail.

Just now, I looked again, all of the FA pages have the icon and I was able to put one on my desktop with the FA intact. Must be the BT (Bermuda Triangle)…


Our browser “favicon” has not changed since October 29th; this must be an IE glitch or something.


this has really bugged me and I finally found this today:

  • " Browser Issues: Microsoft IE 6 for Windows will not display the favicon until the URL has been added to the favorites "*

I added FlightAware to my favorites and this works fine. It works fine without any manipulation in NetScape… go figure.


Isn’t that par for the course for Microsoft IE6? :laughing: