Iceland Air doesn't fly A-10s....

The military callsign ICE21 is apparently mistaken for Iceland Air flight 21… If you look up KDMA using “Airport Activity” you can see the flight of an A-10…

Curious. Usually we don’t receive any tracking information for military flights, but we do see Iceland Air flights.

I think the system was confused at some level…whether it was in the automation, or human confusion, I don’t know.

Apparently, NASA aircraft can be tracked as well - there’s a NASA T-38 departing IWA this afternoon.

It appears that the military is regularly using ICE21, so it’s not a one-time typo or something like that. We’re looking into why we receive tracking data for some military flights but not most.

We actually see a lot of NASA flights (including the shuttle being ferried cross-country on a 747!). KEFD has a lot of T-38 flights for NASA. Here’s a WB57F research plane for NASA.

You know, after I read this thread, I went over to the FAA website and did a lookup on aircraft registered to NASA. I wish I had 9 FA-18s lol.

You made me curious, so I checked the historical database.

95% of the ICE flights are Iceland Air (Boeing 757 and 767), but 5% are military (a mix of GR3, GR3, GR7, A10, and F16).

No idea why the military is using Iceland Air’s callsign on a daily basis.

Doing a google search of the call sign ICE, I found the following:

ICE is used by the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) 441 Squadron’s CF-18’s (located in Cold Lake)

ICE is also used by the USAF for Antarctic support flights (but they don’t use too many attack or fighter aircraft there!)

More than likely, ICE is an abbreivation for Iceman. This callsign is used by the following aircraft:


When did Fokker start making the F16? I looked up ICE51 and it says the aircraft is a Fokker F-16 Fighting Falcon :open_mouth:

Here is another interesting Military example of a Belgian Air Force C-130 flight into Andrews AFB.

And plenty of F16 flights here:

I’m not sure of the ins and outs of it, but I had a similar query about 18 months back with another tracker site.

Basically, whoever controls the “system” that the trackers feed off decide which airlines are covered and which ones aren’t.

In very simple terms, those airlines that fly regularly to the US are always tracked but on the whole, the ones that don’t, aren’t :laughing: . A good example of this are the Chinese Boeing deliveries from the factory at Seattle. You’ll find that the China Eastern’s and China Southern’s will show up on the tracker routing to Honolulu, but the Hainan’s, Shanghai’s & Xiamen’s won’t. This is because CES and CSN have regular flights to the US but the others don’t :bulb: .

Although ICE is military, the callsign field is filled in as ICExx (where x represents the trip/mission/pilot no.) so as ICE for Icelandair is already on the list to show up as they have regular service to the US, the system can’t differentiate between the ICE mil and ICE civil. :bulb:

Why BAF show up I’ve no idea, but this is also the case for the Brazilian AF who use BRS and also the Mexican Air Force who are sometimes seen using unofficial code MAF.

A lot of aircraft using rego as callsign that start with a digit have N as a prefix as the US system can’t handle aircraft idents starting with a digit for some reason. There was a Nigerian 737 on delivery last weekend, rego 5N-BHY and this showed up on the tracker as N5NBHY.

Algerian Air Force is another one that shows up as they fly using rego as callsign, eg. 7T-WHO will show up as N7TWHO.

Gulf 4 bizjet 8P-MAK comes up on the tracker as X8PMAK for info.


I recently saw a B737 delivery to Hainan flying under a HAI code. HAI is registered to Century Aviation International, Ltd. of Canada.

Yes, it doesn’t surprise me. They’ve also been using unofficial code HNA too, which is the Greek Navy! They usually fly BFI to Abbotsford for delivery acceptance and then over to PAE using a ‘fake’ Hainan callsign. When they leave PAE though they leave using rego as callsign, eg. B5137.


What is a “rego”?

Btw, there is current flight track that’s quite interesting. UAE777 KPAE/OMDB.

Rego = aircraft registration mark.

The UAE is A6-EBH, B773ER on delivery.


What is a “rego”?

A lot of people on the Internet think it’s cute to make up cute (read: stupid) abbreviations like “addy” for “address.” “Registration” should actually be abbreviated to “reg.”

They usually do this because they can’t type. My feeling is that if you are going to use the computer, learn how to type and don’t abbreviate. In a forum such as this where there are people from out of the USA, abbreviations should always be explaiined the first time they are used unless they are a very common, world-wide abbreviation.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about.

The Honolulul Police Department (HPD) met the aircraft at LAX. HPD then arrested the person. Notice that LAX is a common term while HPD is not (in fact, it could be very confusing because it could also mean Hilo or Houston or H-whatever police department).

Sorry for the rant. After being on the Internet for more years than I like to think about, this crap about abbreviations has become a pet peeve of mine.

Now, back to the wonderful world of FlightAware.

Yeah, u r def right about that! :wink:

Hey, Nugget - I think I like you. You’re a wise a__ just like me! :laughing:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I didn’t realise it was such a huge problem :unamused: . Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? :unamused: :unamused:

The main thing I was trying to point out is that in a forum such as this one standard English and abbreviations should be used for at least two reasons:

Standard English is the common language of aviation.

Non-standard abbreviations can lead to misunderstanding of the message.

OK :laughing:

But if you come across the word “rego” again you’ll know what it means now :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: .

I’ve got a picture of that plane (or her sister). It’s a beauty.

No link because it came to me by e-mail attachment. You should find it in the very recent picture files of this Yahoogroup:
Probable file name: Emirates - B777ER @ MAN