Iberia Aborted Landing in Bilbao - Interesting Photos!!!


From FlightGlobal

Reported weather at the time;

LEBB 151300Z 20019G33KT 150V240 CAVOK 16/05 Q1005 NOSIG=
LEBB 151330Z 20020G37KT 140V250 CAVOK 16/05 Q1005 NOSIG=
LEBB 151400Z 20023G38KT 160V240 CAVOK 17/05 Q1005 NOSIG=
LEBB 151430Z 20029G45KT 170V260 CAVOK 17/05 Q1004 NOSIG=
LEBB 151500Z 21027G48KT 140V260 CAVOK 17/05 Q1003 NOSIG=
LEBB 151530Z 20026G42KT 160V230 CAVOK 17/04 Q1003 NOSIG=

The aircraft made 2 attempts to land but both resulted in go-arounds. They then diverted to Vitoria which was very gusty too, especially for a non precision or circling approach on rwy 22, which was the runway in use.


ugh… bet they had to reupholster some seats after that one!
:smiling_imp: - especially those in the cockpit.