IAP/STAR/DP loses detail headings


Not sure the best way to say it in subject, so an example:


lists in different columns DP/IAP/STAR, which is good (column headers could stand being changed to DP/IAP/STAR, but I digress)

Now, we go into a procedure, e.g.:

flightaware.com/resources/airpor … +GATE+FIVE

and again we have the list of DP/IAP/STAR, but now since the STARs and DPs have similar names, unless we remember what we’re looking for we need to run the whole table since they’re not pulled out by column anymore. i.e, I want to page through the DPs. I suppose I could download the batch, but I just want to see the same level of information that I had in the screen right before.

An even better thing would be to figure out the transitions that each STAR serves and list them in text format by the list of STARs… but I’m not sure it would be of much operational real world use.


They are sorted by the type of procedure it is, but I agree it is ambiguous and difficult to quickly read. What do you think about the label I added?


Looks good! I’m always interested in exposing as much information to the user that you have and allowing them more control over how they want to use it.