I set 4 alerts and none sent off


I set 4 alerts, 2 for 11/23 and 2 for 11/27, all for commercial flights. They were to come to my cell phone. None went off. What did I do wrong? Thanks.


What were the flight numbers? If they were code share flight numbers then you probably need to enter the flight number of the airline actually operating the flight.

Are you sure the flights actually operated?


They were the flight numbers issued by the airlines and yes, they were operating ~ I flew on them! Thanks.


What were the flight numbers? It’s possible that you were on flight 1 but for operational or other reasons the airline used flight 1A for ATC purposes.


FFT824, FFT 1031, UA 7043, FFT 817


Two of the flights are codeshares:
FFT1031: Codeshare operated by Lynx Aviation or another Midwest operator
UA7043: Codeshare operated by Skywest: flightaware.com/live/flight/SKW7043


(1) Two were not code shares, and I did not received alerts on them either.
(2) For those that are code shares: How do I know that and what number do I enter?
Many thanks ~

  1. Check the city pairs for each flight and see if the flights are listed that depart about the same time you did. As I said earlier, they could have been operated under a different flight number for ATC purposes. Use flightaware.com/live/findflight to enter the cities.

  2. Prior to setting the alerts, take a look at the city pairs involved using flightaware.com/live/findflight to check which flights leave about the time that the flight you are setting up the alert does. Check to make sure the airline is a code share partner of the airline you are flying on. For example, if you ware flying on Frontier then the code share would probably be either Lynx Aviation or Great Lakes.


Theoretically, at least, this answers the problem of the two code share flights.

However, it does not explain why alerts for the other two flights, which were not code shares, did not go off.



No, it’s not “theoretically.” It’s a fact.

As I said earlier, they could have been operated under a different flight number for ATC purposes.

And, actually, in this case, I don’t think you flew on FFT817 because it doesn’t operate on Saturdays.

The Frontier timetable says FFT817 operates daily except Saturday. FlightAware does not show FFT817 operating on the 27th. On Saturdays, FFT917 is operated at 19:05. This flight was operated by Lynx using a DHC-8-400.

I can’t help with FFT824.




All of your alerts are set to only trigger when the flight diverts or cancels (abnormal operations). I don’t see any diversions or cancellations for those flights on those days.