I need a caption for my photograph . . .

Click Here hand cranking a Cessna 152 and it rolls away . . .

N93300 C152 FAA Registry

“No Captain. That’s your Airbus over there.”

“The Flight Examiner’s office is in Building 2.”

“Oh, so runway one is over THERE, now I see it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Say what if we just call this one even, I did pay my $5.00 ramp fee, right?”

“Can I borrow the crew car for a bit? How long, ummm about 8 hours…”

my caption would start with a three letter word for the creator, and a six letter word for what the creator does to doom it’s existance, followed by the word “son”, then "of a " , and then the 5 letter word for a chick dog, and then a comma, and then in all capitals a four letter word that starts with an F, and ends with a K.

Joe, the glass building behind that fancy jet, there’s free coffee & doughnuts.
Mine will be black & Bill likes 2 sugars. Now get your *ss moving 'cause you gotta right this report for me too.

“Hey guys, my coffee is kickin’ in, where’s the can?”

i love it

“Thats the pilot over there SGT Stedanko…wearing the mirrored sunglasses. We should give him a peepee test…dang hippies.”

This is why I was hesitant to sign Bobby Brown off to solo.

“According to eyewitness accounts the accident aircraft should have come to rest somewhere in that vicinity over there Detective.”

“Over there? Cripes, I don’t see anything Lieutenant. Dang!!! Call in K9 and a search helicopter… oh, and call your families we may be out here searching for awhile.”

Check out the hooters on THAT one!

Which one…? Her?

No, Not her. The blonde… over there!

“That Super Viking is definitely the sweetest plane here.”

“Carl… you’re an idiot. That Sundowner is WAY better!”

“The genius that did this is over there. If only I could arrest someone for pure stupidity, I’d go right over there and rough him up a bit before cuffing him and throwing him in the back of my car.”

“That guy at the booth over there said to put our bill on his tab.”

“Who? Seabass?”

“I guess so - if that guy over there is named ‘Seabass’, then yeah, that’s him…”

How about:

“The sky is not the limit, the ground is”


The Parts department is in that building.


I’ll be right back, the guy over there has a dead battery and needs my help.

OR, Cop to pilot…“Hey, look, your cars on fire!” I could go on all day, but I wont. :smiley:

Hello, and goodbye.