I hope I have chosen the right forum for this ?


I am curious how American staff’s their Miami crews on flights to South America.

Do they fly on leg down and return the next day?

Do they fly down and then make day trips for a day or two to other cities?

In other words I was wondering how long a flight crew might expect to be away from Miami each time they fly a South American route.


My guess is that they have a layover till the next day and than return to Miami. Most likely it’s a senior line and when they return home they are off for 2 or 3 days. Or when they return they fly a few short domestic trips before they’re off.


Read Les Abend’s columns in FLYING Magazine.


flyingmag.com/article.asp?se … cle_id=873



He talks about these routes in his column often. Also, Dick Karl has talked about this in his Gear Up column in FLYING. Dick has gone on ride alongs with Les.


Thanks folks for the great response. I learn something new every day on these wonderful pages.