I guess we caused some concern

I would not think that it is notable, but apparently we freaked out some people around the Lehigh Valley Intl Airport today.

lehighvalleylive.com/breakin … ng_fi.html

What kind of warbirds were you troublemakers :laughing: flying?

Sounds like the L-39’s were out scarin’ the sheeple… :wink:

Any good pics, or was this a “classified op”?

  1. Very cool! 8)

(How many jets do you own?)

We have been practicing for a fly over at my house for the 4th of July.

It was a 4 ship diamond formation with 3 L-39ZAs and 1 T28C trojan in the lead. I think its funny though how people thought they were F-16’s.

A kind request for someone to make a video and post it here… 8)

I found a great comment.

Does every “International Airport” rent-out space to private plane owners for their toys?

Apparently, someone doesn’t like your toys, or at least the fact that Lehigh Valley is considered an intl airport.

Ditto! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - they followed up that online news story with an actual printed story in the local paper. Since no one got a photo of us flying by the media substituted with stock photos of Mig-29’s and Su-27’s. Very amusing.

As soon as I get a link of the video I will post it.


Geez - absolutrook, you’re my new hero! I’m seriously green with envy/sickness/the feeling of failure… In all honesty, should I ever become very successful, my fiance knows that we would eventually find ourselves with some type of fighter jet in our driveway as well - congratulations to you! I can’t wait to see the vid.

Hilarious!!! :laughing:

How did you make out on your tests? Phil seems like a good guy, I talked to him while you were sweating taking your writtens. Good luck on the practical(s). I was in the XL that was parked next to you that gave y’all the ceiling report at PNE.

That’s becuse EVERYBODY has heard of F-16. It is funny though. The common public doesnt really know the Albatross. BTW- I wish I could afford your planes!

Exactly, like all fighter jets are F-16, all commercial jets are 747 JUMBO JETS :smiley: