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i found some fixed for poor coverage

hello all , i have very poor coverage , and Baghdad airport near me and i cant see any aircraft on map , Knowing i put the antenna in high level and clear sky .

today i make different roles , when i was put the antenna in Vertical its very poor and see the aircraft only with 10 km only when landing and dept . today i put her on Horizontal and i try make her on Different directions and find the solution . see the images :smiley:

antenna .




but why i cant see names the aircraft and i cant access to map settings.


I used to live not far from where you are. Just about 2KM south of the airport.

On that server, there are no settings yet. You have to install something like Virtual Radar Server to get the more advanced settings you probably see in other posts.

As far as seeing more flight information, click on the flight and it should show you more.


i click on aircrft but nothing . how can i install virtual radar server ?

Try looking here: http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/