I always thought this was a "one-way" trip

One has escaped http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9623/history/20090408/1707Z/KROW/KTUL

Saw one heading the other way last week a few days after the new 737 arrived.

These flight numbers (the 9000 series) are quite often used over and over.

What I was getting to is I didn’t know planes ever left Roswell, thought they went there to die.

I get it now. I just saw the flight going between TUL and ROW without taking notice of the direction.

Wonder if American is taking an aircraft of storage for sell or lease to another airline? (For those that don’t know, TUL is one of American’s biggest maintenance facilities.)

Many go there to die, but some truly are in storage awaiting their call back to the show.

It’s rare to see one leave storage, as you noted, but it does happen on occasion and gladdens the heart of all pilots. There are very, very few aircraft that deserve to die.