huge old propeller flying fortress designs from Russia


probably shook the whole city when cranked up

Great find! I’d never seen those. The Soviets/Russians always have liked to build their military aircraft in a big way.

Those “photos” of what is supposed to be the Kalinin K-7 are primarily compliments of Photoshop, not real photographs.

The second photo might be a real one taken when the aircraft actually flew in the 30’s, but it crashed on one of its test flights and was never replaced as Kalinin was “purged” by Stalin…

Yes some are CGI (computer graphics imaging) . You can tell by the UFO in flight next to it :slight_smile:

Still beautiful illustrations though.

The solariums and multiple gun turrets should have been a dead giveaway that you were looking at the product of someone’s fevered imagination long before you saw the swastika adorned flying saucer. Looks like images for a potential video game. There might be two actual images of the real aircraft in the lot.