The URL is pay walled so not really helpful. We can only see the first two paragraphs.

Sims are great for practising instrument approaches and procedures. I practised my approcahes before I did them for real when I was doing IFR training. Adding google earth images makes it easier to recognise landmarks are airports I have never been to.

We have seen incidents in the last week where unqualified people have taken off in complex aircraft. Neither landed, nor did they even have that intention.

The training we go through helps us cope with unusual incidents rather than the simple stuff. Until about 30 years ago, there were 12 year olds getting their pilots license. There are 7 and 8 year olds driving around carts at freeway speeds. That doesn’t mean that I want them on the road with me. I think its a big leap to go from being able to do something in a simulator to doing something under the pressure of losing your life and being shaken around in the sky by turbulence. Look at the tests of non-ifr pilots going into simulated IFR conditions. They last about 2-3 minutes before the aircraft is upside down.

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Sorry about what you call the pay wall. I got to read the entire article. I have to agree with the rest of your comments.
This is my first post of a topic that I felt was important in today’s ATC system.

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