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Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

That is problematic because it will receive TV stations and stuff along those lines VERY well.
That in turn will overload the LNA.

Not much you can do probably even with lowering gain.

If you have a dongle like the rtl-sdr v3 without integrated LNA it will likely receive much better.

As you already tried it, even a cut whip antenna might give better reception placed in a window. Exactly because the reception is weaker and the LNA isn’t overloaded.

Would love to do a cut whip… but every whip I have has the coil on the bottom. I rigged up a paperclip as an antenna it It’s working for about 20 miles, will have to do till the filters are back in stock but at least I know it works.

You dont have to cut the whip if you dond want. Just unscrew whip from base, put it aside, and use a thin wire as whip. Thin wire can either a steel tie wire, or one out of several wire in a scrap network cable.

Cut the wire to 67mm length after fixing it on the threaded stud of the base.


Left whip 75mm for 978 Mhz
Right whip 67mm for 1090 Mhz

Go to the dolar store, buy a 2-3 ft long RG-6 patch cord, and build a QuickSpider. No soldering required, F plug ‘built-in’. Very good performance.

Search for detailed instructions and pictures here on the forum.

A paperclip is made of thin wire. :wink:

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DIY QUICK SPIDER - No Soldering Required, No SO239 Connector Required

Did not realize you rigged a whip with paper clip. Thought you rigged some other type of antenna with paper clip.

Hi So quick point the image do work but only in dhcp and ssh not possible.
I’ve install about 6times the system on pi3b+ rasbian stretch lite and just get it work for about 1hr one time before the ajax error. I’ve install with the script:

try the mutualitiy.
And then install the FA version with the mod from abcd:

But all time i got this :
Problem fetching data from dump1090.
AJAX call failed (error: Not Found). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?

No matter on witch broswer is used. Yes the srd work just fine on pc, multiple reboot done. I install without the feeder
I try the ‘fix’ of :
sudo wget -O /etc/udev/rules.d/rtl-sdr.rules “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/osmocom/rtl-sdr/master/rtl-sdr.rules

At the end, i did put this 3.7.1 image, and voila: it did work with some issues.
First: to have it working people had to go to the config file and change the : used wifi… wireless to : NO. Currently it’s at yes and the ethernet will never work.
And quite strange, i was never been able to get the ssh to work on this image. Can you somewhat put it be default ? As quite bad to had access to the system and cannot change the ip to static either.

It’s all in the guides. Maybe you didn’t find the guide?


Part of that is also described in the main page for the piaware image:

This quickstart guide is for gettin UAT to work with piaware 3.7.1, not so much about the image.
Maybe it needs a title change @abcd567

Anyway regarding SSH.
It’s described in the first post of this thread how to enable SSH, so i’m not sure where you looked?
You just guessed how to configure the image?

i have about 3 pi and did install all the time the stretch lite with the ssh file. But somehow this image file don’t get it… It was more to used an image to save time vs to build from code.
as the script from jp result in the ajax error…

Enable SSH access

  • For security reasons, SSH access is disabled by default on new PiAware SD card installs, starting with version 3.3. To enable SSH, create an empty file on the /boot partition of the SD card with the filename of “ssh” only (no file extension). When this file is present, SSH will be automatically enabled.
  • Login to the device with the username “pi” and password “flightaware”.
  • Type “passwd” and follow the instructions to change the password for the account.

It’s explained on the pages i linked.
You can also configure a static IP.

If you have a monitor/keyboard connected you can use:
sudo raspi-config

and enable SSH in the interfacing options.

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For ssh, you have to create a file named ssh in /boot folder. This is applicable to Raspbian image from raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian as well as to Piaware image downloaded from https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

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The easiest method is to use Piaware SD card image.

However if you want to use vanila Raspbian image from raspberrypi.org/downloads and build from source code, JP’s adsb-receiver project is the easiest.

Unfortunately currently adsb-receiver has unfixed bugs. In view of this situation, you can still build from source code, using manual method given here:

Version 3.7.1 Add-on Package Install

Yeah indeed, i can install fine fine with basic code below.
But the solution you post 20day ago on the JP’s project did install, but i got the issue:
AJAX call failed (error: Not Found)
and no plane show up on the map.

code all ok just :
wget http://flightaware…repository_3.7.1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.7.1_all.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa
sudo nano /etc/default/dump1090-fa ** put the lat–lon.
reboot and all up.

that usually means dump1090-fa isn’t running.


sudo journalctl -f -u dump1090-fa

(ctrl-c to get out of it)

Could also be that you change from dump1090-fa to mutability or the other way around.
(then the webserver might not be configured and your local page out of date, requires Ctrl-F5 to check the real status of the page instead of looking at the cache.)


This link above takes you to the relevant settins for running a piaware sd card with 978 MHz reception only.

Running another Raspberry Pi with 1090 MHz reception is just like it always was.

I have a 3a power supply but it will not see the 2nd sdr. I am running 3.7.1.

Buy a second Raspberry Pi 3B+ if you can’t make it run.

It’s all documented how to configure it in this thread.

Posting in multiple threads is not helpful.

sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiedehopf/adsb-wiki/master/rtl-test.sh)"

Please show the output of the script above.

Also state which step of the guide in the first post of this thread you are stuck on.
(Piaware SD card image 3.7.1 Quickstart Guide)

I have been running the 978 uat on 3.7.1 for about 30 days now and the only tracks I have are listed as tis-b (the yellow tint in the log on the right side of skyview).

I have the graphs installed and here is my typical 24 hour plot:

Is there something I should have set to get 978 ads-b directly in addition to the tis-b signals ?

note: each rpi has it’s own receiver and the corresponding flightaware antennas

I have a second rpi running 1090 and it typically tracks with Positions/Totals of 50/60. They are mix of ads-b, mlat, and other in the table.