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Howto change feeder id v 3.8.0

howto change feeder id v 3.8.0
sudo piaware-config feeder-id xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx
is not working on version 3.8.0

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Is there an error message?
Did you restart piaware?
Maybe try a reboot.

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sudo: piaware-config: opdracht niet gevonden

You have three sites, two with 3.6.3 and one with 3.7.2, which one did you update to 3.8.0?

The error you get is command not found, however it should still work. Maybe time for a fresh install on a raspian based on buster.

I see a colon : after the sudo. that won’t work.

root@pi ~ # sudo badCommand
sudo: badCommand: command not found

It’s just sudo telling you it didn’t find the command.

piaware isn’t installed correctly

What is the output from this command?

sudo apt install -y piaware

halo everyone
and thanks for the help,
I have done a new clean installation and everything is working properly again


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The cleanest, easiest, and headache free solution.



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