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HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration

Hi @LawrenceHill and @hphillip ,

I think I’ve seen small improvements too- but pretty tough to tell given how quiet the skies are at the moment.

I’m curious to keep an eye on this topic- the Airspy mini seems to be a very nice piece of kit- and certainly the best I’ve used so far.

Generally speaking I think I’m getting as much out of my site as I can but I have considered a few “projects”.

Slightly off topic, but I think the next logical step for me would be to use several (3 or 4?) directional antennas rather than an omni-directional antennas. But it would tripple or quadruple my investment too- and I’m not sure I can justify that. Similarly I have been pondering space diversity. It should be highly effective over the distances and frequencies used for ADSB. But again it would be an additional investment…

Anyway, good luck to you both- and thanks for your feedback. Certainly very insteresting topics here.

Kind Regards,


Spurred on by you mentioning that your Airspy site 97430 does better than your reference site 72716, I made one more stepwise refinement today to my own Airspy site hphillip#stats-123922 around 15:33
To my surprise it has made more difference than the firmware update :wink:

The simple change was to put a dark blue FA filter immediately before the Airspy.
Already comparing my reference ProStick+ site hphillip#stats-117925 with the airspy plus filter, the 1090graphs are already suggesting enhanced aircraft numbers.

First pic is the reference site:
Pic below is the Airspy with dark blue filter: 123922-2h

On the face of it my number of Aircraft have already gone up by 10.
Really I’ll need a few days to definitively know if the change was a significant improvement or just a fluke!

In a previous lifetime I used to play with UHF TV DXing and had a rather nice (though rather ugly for the neighbours) stacked and bayed bowtie array on a lovely Yaesu rotator. The reason I mention that was the system had a 4-into-1 combiner, which on the face of it was never going to be the same gain as a single ultra fringe yagi.
However what I found in practice (and really I am talking about days before DTV) the height differences of the bowties pulled in the signals really well and was not as sharp as a yagi.

I contemplated a similar approach for 1090Mhz i.e., have multiple directional antennas and use a 3-way or 4-way cavity combiner.
My present omni works well but I realise I have a couple of directions SSE and NE where something with more directional gain may be useful.

Problem is cost! But if you ever go down a multi-antenna approach I would be very interested to hear how you get on verses an omni.

I jokingly concluded to myself that the best of both worlds might be a fast rotating high gain directional antenna (preferably silent and no visual impact to the neighbours, perhaps a red light on the top).
I can always dream :star_struck:

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Add a filtered LNA near the antenna for laugh.


You don’t have a filtered LNA at the antenna? You are wasting that Airspy value!
The ProStick + has an amp and a filter inside!

So, with all the excellent work done by abcd567 on getting FlightAware and dump1090-fa running on the Raspberry 64bit OS.

just had a go with my Airspy R2 and the 64bit OS and not seeing anything any aircraft reported on my setup, just wondering if I fat fingered something during my install. I did my inital setup using an FA blue dongle and that worked fine, just followed the install and swaped RX!

Will this setup work with the Raspberry 64bit OS?

You’ll have to enable support for 32 bit arm binaries, there is no airspy_adsb decoder for arm64.
It’s basically this procedure: https://github.com/wiedehopf/adsb-wiki/wiki/Odroid-N2-and-feeding#adding-the-ability-to-run-32-bit-programs-required


We could ask @prog to compile a 64 bit version of airspy_adsb.
It could be used on other ARM devices like the odroids, Banana Pi, Pine64 etc.


Thanks @wiedehopf that worked
but would be good if we can get a 64bit version of airspy as it seames thats the way our OS’s are going


Yes. Once I get a Pi4.

It will also work on and RPI3 but PM me an address and I will send you one.


I bought your HF+ Discovery not long ago. Your turn cheapskate! :rofl: :crazy_face:

^— Now that’s a cool dude right there. I’d PM you an address, but know you’re looking for a place to offload rubber dog turds


Hello. Thank you for the offer, but don’t bother with that. I already have a RPi4 bundle in order. I will let you know when the new build is ready.


OK guys. Which 64bit image do you use? I want to target that.

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I think the most common could be opensuse and Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit. I

Raspberry Pi OS



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Thank you. Let’s give it a spin. Expect a new download during the day.


Anyone to test? Exact same code, new architecture. https://airspy.com/downloads/airspy_adsb-linux-arm64.tgz


It’s working, but masses of dropped samples due to increase CPU load.
I have cut e dramatically. Now no lost samples.
I need to let Graphs1090 to sort itself out for a while unless you would like any specific feedback / reports?

I over reacted in reducing -e so much. Gradually working my way up again to near original value.

Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bit

Can you check which architecture it actually is?

uname -m

That’s usually what i use to automatically decide the URL.
I can just make aarch64 use arm64 of course, just curious.

Here’s a twitter post from yesterday:


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