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HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration

Indeed a lot of cable, plus a spliter at my end to feed the FlightFeeder (my reference).

Is there a reference for how to set up the dump978-fa settings with airspy somewhere?
Or a reference to how to use the soapy driver settings?

You’ll need to install this package:
sudo apt install soapysdr-module-airspy

And in /etc/default/dump978-fa you set the driver to airspy if i remember correctly.

RECEIVER_OPTIONS="--sdr driver=airspy --format CS8"

Might be that you need to change the format to CS16 or CS12.
You’ll have to try.

Weird and thanks.
I built module itself and SoapyUtil --probe=“driver=airspy” worked, but dump978-fa could never make the device.
Installing SoapySDR-module-airspy worked, but the format is unhappy

$ dump978-fa --sdr driver=airspy --sdr-gain 21 --sdr-ppm 18 --format CS8 --raw-port 30978 --json-port 30979
raw-port: listening for connections on
raw-port: listening for connections on [::]:30978
json-port: listening for connections on
json-port: listening for connections on [::]:30979
SoapySDR: using manual gain 21.0 dB
Configuration error: Failed to construct soapysdr stream (cause: setupStream invalid format ‘CS8’ – Only CS16 and CF32 are supported by SoapyAirspy module.)

So tried CS16 and CF32 and for both get
$ dump978-fa --sdr driver=airspy --sdr-gain 21 --format CS16 --raw-port 30978 --json-port 30979
the argument for option ‘–format’ is invalid

Seems dump978 only likes these formats:

 61             {"CU8", SampleFormat::CU8},
 62             {"CS8", SampleFormat::CS8_},
 63             {"CS16H", SampleFormat::CS16H},
 64             {"CF32H", SampleFormat::CF32H}

Try any of those, maybe the airspy soapysdr module can provide one of those.

Use one of the …H versions (they don’t have exactly the same names as the soapysdr ones … I should probably align them, but the problem is that they’re used for both on-disk formats and SoapySDR formats, and the SoapySDR formats are host-byte-order specific). If you ask for e.g. CS16H it’ll request CS16 from SoapySDR. CS16 is probably faster than CF32.

-x option off made quite a difference.

Mine did the same thing


The question is: do you see a different number of planes and positions without -x ? Previously, I had turned it on for a day or two only to see no difference at all with and without -x. YMMV

Strangely no. The above graph would indicate yes, however, I can’t see a lot of difference on the FA stats site.

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Thanks CS16H works. yay.

I’m glad I saw these last few posts, I’d completely forgotten that I enabled -x on mine and the MTG sites a while ago as an experiment and hadn’t removed it.

The bandwidth usage hasn’t dropped at all so I don’t think it could have been reporting those huge numbers so I wonder what actually happened to them.

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Most of the time those “tracks” aren’t actually valid position reports.

Then you could look up in the code what conditions a plane needs to have to actually be reported to FA.

Anyway even each of those tracks would be reported to FA, it wouldn’t be much traffic.
That graph shows tracks per hour, so maybe 5000 whatever data per hour.
That’s nothing at all.
Also as you see it’s a very small percentage of the total messages you receive, otherwise the message rate would drop.

My Airspy mini prepared for summertime:

I have rotated it for the pic, usually it sits rotated 90 degrees along the axis, for better airflow over the fins. Passive cooling only.

At first I thought it was a usb powered curling iron :smile:


It feels like one when touched :rofl:

I found 2 identical heatsinks with a gap that exactly fits the Airspy, I know the airflow is not optimal with the gaps on the inside but there’s so much aluminium around that it really makes a huge difference.


I know that every case is different but this is to show that the Airspy-mini with LNA will also extend the reception range a bit.


@ Wiedehopf: my previous setup with the FA-stick was also feeding ADSB-exchange, any idea if their setup script is still compatible with the Airspy mini & Buster setup?

Wants data at localhost on port 30005 like basically every other feeder.
So yes it works.

Just trying wasn’t possible?
This setup is compatible with everything except fr24 cofigured with the dvb-t option …