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HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration

sudo rm /etc/default/tar1090_instances

If you don’t know how to work multiple instances, don’t use them and delete the file above.
Only reason for the behaviour i can think of.
Well except having /run/dump1090-fa for some reason.

ls -ld /run/dump*
ls -ld /run/readsb

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We all doing our part in keeping this thread alive, including your 22nd one :rofl:

I’m here looking for 2.2 final. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2.2 in its own new forum thread hopefully. (Most of the content and guidance in the top 1000 posts of this thread is now obsolete due to significant airspy_adsb feature change. Yet search results will still land there)


Would this be any good to run a Airspy mini, or would a Pi 4 8gb be better please.

Either will work. I would recommend going with the pi however as you will get much better support. The pi is much more widely used so you are less likely to be dealing with weird hardware quirks and software bugs.

If you are just using it for adsb you don’t even need the 8GB version. I’m using the 2GB one and that’s easily enough.

ok thanks, am just planning on upgrading me Pi 3b+, was just looking at what was available :slight_smile: Am just struggling to get the Airspy Mini working the best I can. This is what i’m running at the moment. OPTIONS= -v -f 1 -e 9.0 -w 4 -t 300
Auto gain, 12 sample rate

this suggests that you have some idea why it is not working ‘the best’. If you are looking for suggestions, a description of the issue would help move the conversation along.

Range is shorter then I was getting with the rtl-sdr.com dongle that I was using, about 20 - 25 miles shorter, am getting 249 miles max now. Message rate is great, well above what I was getting.

can you describe the setup you have (antenna, LNA, that sort of thing), and whether you have made changes in the setup when you changed the dongle to the airspy? Also, there is no range graph in here making it harder to judge whether reduced range is the result of lack of duration of data collection. How long have you run the airspy for ?

had it set up since Thursday so am still new to this, am learning on the job :slight_smile: No changes other than the Airspy, My antenna is a 12 element collinear, uptronics filtered pre-amp( powered by separate cable ) on the mast, just underneath the antenna. 10m westflex coax to the dongle and Pi.
Range, doesn’t show it very clearly but I used to get quite a few at 260+ now it’s 249 at best.

The range change looks like weather/atmospheric variance to me. Very little difference. Watching average max range is most useful. Mean range looks improved in your graphs.

Also is autogain setting gain to 21 in peak mid-day hours, or are you manually setting that? With Uputronics LNA autogain should work well enough.

That could be a change in weather conditions actually.
You could always swap back to the SDR and see if range goes back up.

Also if the pi3 has sufficient cooling you should be able to run more than -e 9 at 12 MSPS sample rate.
It’s easiest to just add -C 75 or something if you don’t have temperature issues and a good power supply.
It’ll use most of what the pi3 can do.
But usually changing -e won’t affect max range really.

I’m not sure the autogain is the best option for you.
Maybe try a fixed gain of 19 for a bit?

What did you do Saturday afternoon, that looks like a detrimental change … looking at the RSSI.

Had it turned off so I could add a new cooling system too it, help to keep those temps down. Thanks for the advice, will change it now and leave it for a few days.

No, the auto gain set it it’s self, am leaving it on auto till I get my head around all the different options.

Autogain leaning on the high side makes sense now that I look at your coverage graph. Very little traffic very close to you!

Yeah not a lot close to us, mostly just private aircraft, nearest airport is about 40 miles away, get more in the week due to military airbase nearby.

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Meanwhile… augogain handles the inverse quite well too!