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HOWTO: Airspy mini and Airspy R2: Piaware / dump1090-fa configuration


Do you think it may work with one Airspy (for 1090, say) and one dongle (for 978, say)



Yeah that’s what i was saying i my last post.

Not sure how congested USB would get though.
Could be fine could be not fine.

It works with -m20 which is almost double the amount of USB bandwidth compared to -m12.

So using a rtl-sdr in addition should work.

The CPU load bottleneck is normally on one CPU core, even with -m20 the RPi 3B+ is mostly using one core and the other 3 are free.
So dump978-fa using half or so of another core should be fine.

It’s gonna produce more heat but that’s always something to look out for when running the RPi under load.



Thank you for the help Wiedehopf. I do not understand how to select the AirSpy R2 as the 978 dongle during concurrent 978 and 1090; am I to use R2’s serial number as the identifier, al la the serialized RTL-SDRs?

I’m back to 3.6.3, on the 3-, with R2 generating reports thanks to your automatic script.



I thought you would want the airspy to do 1090 MHz.
That will work with the script as airspy_adsb takes care of 1090 MHz.
airspy_adsb can’t decode UAT.

dump978-fa using the airspy soapysdr driver will not work on a Raspberry Pi, it uses a lot of CPU even on a proper not too old laptop. (70% of a core, i’ve tested it)

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