How to tell who a new Boeing plane will go to


Does anyone know how to tell who will get a new unpainted Boeing plane when only the tail is painted?

Here’s a few examples:

Unpainted 747-8F

Untitled 787-8


Matt Cawby’s website has some good info

That 748 looks like Atlas and the 787 Matt says is an unpainted Hainan




The -8F WAS going to Atlas, but Atlas cancelled their orders for the -8F a few days after CargoLux did.


When did Atlas cancel their orders for the 747-8F? Any idea who might take this B748?


CargoLux was supposed to be the launch customer of the -8F, they cancelled their orders the day before delivery of the first one, Atlas was the next customer in line and cancelled THEIR order within a few days of receiving their first one. CargoLux and Boeing negotiated a deal and Lux is now flying theirs. I haven’t heard if Atlas is trying to do the same or if they flat out don’t want them. I have been keeping an eye on the “Atlas” -8 for any sign of new ownership, but none so far.


Thanks for the info JetMech24!


Atlas did cancel 3 of the original 12 B747-8 that they had ordered, but that still left 9 on order of which 7 have already been delivered. Their British affiliate of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Global Supply Systems took delivery of 3 B748 in late 2011 and they operate them for British Airways Cargo, the aircraft being G-GSSD, G-GSSE and G-GSSF. The remaining 6 were and will be delivered to Atlas Air in 2012 and 2013.

N850GT … delivered May 31 2012 … operated for Panalpina in Panalpina livery
N851GT … delivered Jul 24 2012 … operated for Panalpina in Panalpina livery
N852GT … delivered Oct 02 2012 … operated for Polar Air Cargo in Atlas Air livery
N853GT … delivered Dec 04 2012 … operated for Polar Air / DHL in Polar / DHL livery

The one in the photo should be N854GT and shows in paint shop now.
There will also be one more B748 (N855GT) delivery in 2013.

I found this better website for 748 deliveries and stuff,


Thanks for the update, good find on the website!


N854GT out of the paint shop in Atlas colors:


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