How to setup the SDR for maximum and close range? Impossible?

I have 2 Pro Stick and 1 ProStick Plus. All three had factory set serial number 00001000
I have 2 Generic +1 NooElec DVB-T (Black) dongles. All three had factory set serial number 00000000

I have changed serial number of one ProStick to 00001001 and other to 00000000. These are successfully working for dual system. The 00000000 is always grabbed by dump1090-fa and 00001001 is always grabbed by MoseSDeco2.

Using RTL1090 on Windows to view/set serial number

Step-1: Give command C:\rtl1090>rtl1090.exe /eeprom
(My rtl1090.exe is located in folder C:\rtl1090 that is why I have used this path. You have to use the path in your computer)

Step-2: Click START button on RTL1090 window.

Step-3: Set serial number and press Continue button.