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How to see my live data olutside my local network

My address is according to pages So that’s right. I think it will be somehow blocked from the provider.

Somethings not right… If your external IP is correct, and the local IP is correct, the page should display correctly. It seems like port 8080 is forwarding as it should.

I’m running out of ideas here… Just for the test, if you disable the forward rule in your router, are you then still able to see the Apache page as shown before? That will at least tell if it’s your router we are passing through.

When blocked, I have the same result.

Okay, then it’s not your router we are getting hold of.

I have no further ideas, sorry.

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Dynamic IP addresses can change quickly. Perhaps it changed right after checking. Maybe try sending an email to yourself and then check the header to see what the IP was.

You should see your IP listed on the FlightAware stats page for your feeder as well. It should match what you find in the email header. This might help sort it out.

Never noticed that - But you are indeed correct.

2020-09-12 13_27_00-Window

FYI - open ports on the router can make it a target for hackers. Make sure you run a shields up test from grc.com (at least the common ports. they also have a new UPnP test too.

Should come back all green.

Hope this helps, Dale

I found the IP address on my site. I also followed that address. I did the test, but I probably don’t get a good result.

It’s not possible to see - But did you get your external IP from the phone, while it was on mobile data?

Martty206, maybe try checking /var/www/html on your Pi

Maybe there is a folder /dochazka/prihlaseni.php ? pulls up a login page when I try it.

Best guess is one of three:

There is a web server running on your Pi

The IP is wrong

The IP is correct for your Pi but is not being routed correct from the ISP


I don’t have any such folder in pi. I think it’s somewhere with the provider. The problem will be in my dynamic ip address. I thought I would solve it via the no-ip website. but it still doesn’t work

Perhaps the web server was setup to use other directories maybe try
find / -name prihlaseni.php

This command when run as normal pi user will get a lot of permission errors but should find the file if it’s on you pi

Any chance you got it second hand? ebay?

Might there be something else on your network that could run a web server?

I avoid any local security issues and prefer to pay a few $ a month for a VPS running Linux and use tar1090 from @wiedehopf to aggregate both my 978 and 1090MHz feeds into a single view. That way I can lock down the NAT rules on my firewall to only allow access from by VPS to the specific ports needed for it to pull the data from my piAware device.

You can get an AWS Lightsail instance with Ubuntu for $5 or less, worth it for the peace of mind IMO

Normally the first router is the one that would have the ports forward, the second should be setup as an access point or a hub used instead. Chaining two routers together makes things more complicated.

Can you setup the Raspberry to use just the first router? Maybe use a range extender instead?

Using non default ports might be good to consider as well. I have used 1547 in the past for a web camera and have never seen it blocked by the ISP. I think it was used as a lap link port.

For security it really might be better to use some type of VPN.

I would to hear more on this. I already run a linux server and can set up apache.
Is there an easy way to then pull from the PI?