How to run an audit of competing signals?


Morning gents,

Seems my rig is performing pretty well…

Decent antenna? Check
Antenna on roof? Check
Short RG6 Coax run? Check
Running Mutability? Check

This weekend shortened the coax run and moved my entire rig to the external wall in the attic (antennas on ridge above) - took 4 hours routing everything, but tidier now!

Just read an article on FM Traps to block signals at a certain frequency - which got me thinking about blocking other signals that can “drown out” adsb.

First thing, can someone tell me how to run a “site audit” of what signals etc may be having an impact in the vicinity?




rtl_power (same package as rtl_test etc) will let you measure power vs frequency across a broad spectrum, you could do a sweep from (say) 700MHz to 1300MHz and see what shows up.


Thanks Obj, will look into that…


That’s a pretty nice utility. I ran a scan for 1 hr from 700M to 1300M and created a waterfall diagram from the results. I’m not exactly sure how to interpret the results, but it seems kind of noisy?