How to reset Ground Elevation?

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 3.04.17 PM

I have reset a new Piaware (old HW had issues and SD card got wonky… newer power supply, etc. has made thing more stable). However, I’ve got some weird settings (which I think are preventing MLAT from operating). The “ground elevation” shows higher than the antenna elevation I input.
Not sure how it got that value, nor can I find anyway to change it.


Click the gear on the upper right on your user page. Then click on edit the height.

Doesn’t fix it.
Already tried that multiple times.
Changing the Lat and Long “seems” to have let me change it. But other than that, the ground level doesn’t respond to normal height changes.

Look at the top of the configuration frame. You can set the height of the antenna above ground level or sea level.

Yes, I selected above sea level and set it to 1158. No value I entered changed or reset “ground level”. That’s why I posted question. I wasn’t even sure why both are there. Changing last/long did seem to change it. In the past I only recall seeing above sea level value. Not sure if it got set initially by the first last/long I entered or not.

Ground level is what we believe the ground level to be at the location you enter. It’s somewhat approximate (depends on what the DEM happens to say at that point). It’s used for the case where you enter a height-above-ground value.

Just to translate that:
That value is displayed but if you supply altitude MSL it’s ignored.
So there is no issue. (besides being a bit confusing).