How to make a connection at piaware by cable or wireless?

i cant get my ip… i have try 2 methodes by using LAN cables and USB wifi dongle… please help me to fix it… what should i do ??

There should be a yellow and green LED on either side of the Ethernet cable where it plugs into the Pi. If no, you have a bad connection. Other possibility is that DHCP is not set up properly on your router. Do other devices connect OK using a cable?

if i use usb wifi dongle what should i do ? can you help me ?

Supported WiFi dongles are covered in our FAQ:

If you can, I recommend using a cable at least for a short test. A wired connection is much easier to troubleshoot than WFi. Note, if you have a Pi v3, it has built in WiFi and you do not need a WiFi dongle.

ok thanks dude , i’ll try use cable LAN first,

so i must build my SSH first ? and change my “piaware-config”.text for the wifi setting ? .
after that what should i do ?