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How to keep flight data displayed longer than 58 seconds?

I have always changed the settings so that the web map displays aircraft for 298 seconds, rather than the default 58 seconds. Cannot remember if this was true in the past, but have noticed that most flight data (alt, speed, squawk, track) are dropped at around 68 seconds. Is there a way to keep the latest data displayed until the plane is dropped at 298 seconds?

In this function:
PlaneObject.prototype.updateData = function(receiver_timestamp, data) {

starting in line 447 in

You can see that in a lot of else blocks stuff is set to null.
Just comment those lines setting stuff to null out by putting // in front of them.

Then the webinterface will retain the outdated information.

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Many thanks. That’s exactly what I needed to know - would not have found it on my own.