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How to improve performance of whip antenna of DVB-T

The scan you have posted is meant to show the interfering cell/mobile signals, and affect of adding a filter. It will not show improvement in performance due to change in antenna or antenna location.

Better use graphs to compare affect of changing your setup.

Copy-paste following command in SSH terminal and press Enter key. The script will do all needed, and announce completion when finished.

The command is very long, scroll right to see and copy in full.

sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiedehopf/graphs1090/master/install.sh)"

After installation, wait for 10 minutes for some data to be collected, then in your browser go to this page to see graphs:

For detailed instructions, go to this page:



Ok mate thanks. I’ve seen more yellow traces around 1090Mhz with modded antenna so I supposed that was working better.

This is what I obtained today with graphs1090

If you want to improve reception of local traffic, you might need to reduce gain.
Thoughts on optimizing gain

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