How to get real precise aircraft geolocation


Please, Is there someone to help me?
Everytime I use Search resource to get aircraft information about some airplanes still on the floor, I realize that latitude/longitude is always the same in the same airport: … &howMany=2

I also could realize other fields like high latitude , high longitude, low latitude and low longitude have variable values. May I use these fields to assure certainly do where aircrafts are?
As the title said: how to get more precise information about aircraft localization?

When you query for flights that are on the ground at a particular airport it is normal to have similar values for their lat, lon. I don’t see the exact same values for the aircraft, but very similar values.
The low/high values for the altitude, longitude are the minimum/maximum values seen by that flight along its route.
The latitude,longitude fields should give you the precise location of the aircraft.