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How to get latest flight according to arrival time in Enroute

Hello, how can I get the latest data according to arrival time, for me now I’m getting data 5 hrs ago flight data which already arrived.

Can you be a little more specific about which functions you’re using or provide some code snippets? It sounds more like there is something wrong with what your code is doing.

We have a specific tail number that we need to track, once the flight plan is scheduled for that specific tail number. We want to track only that scheduled flight departure to the known airport arrival code of just that one flight.

The statuses that we want to receive are the following : once the flight is scheduled, departed, once it is en route we want to receive any updates to any changes of the flight arrival time.

Also we want to know if the flight has been diverted.

One method to achieve this would be through the push alerts in FlightXML2. By submitting the tail as the ident parameter to the SetAlert endpoint, and the channels argument {e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted} JSON format events would be pushed automatically to the target address specified in RegisterAlertEndpoint.

Unfortunately the push alerts can only deliver optional minutes_out statements (ex: 30 or 15 minutes out), and not deliver updates based on changing ETA values. If a static minutes out is good enough those can be set as part of the SetAlert. Otherwise the faFlightID seen in the pushed alerts can be used as the ident parameter in to poll FlightInfoEx to see if the ETA has changed.