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How to get a second Radarbox station running

Now that i have my second PI operational, i would like to have this as a second station installed.

But whatever i am trying the second device always generates the same sharing key as the first device. Seem to be that it comes from IP adress/mac adress or whatever.
Claim is then not working, because the key is already registered.

any idea how to get RB running a second station? i was not able to find it on their forum.

RPi Guide:

Claim New Station:

That’s not what i am asking for. I’ve read the instructions more than once without result.

I have cleaned up the second raspberry and started RB24 installation over. Initially the rbfeeder.ini does not show a key.
Once i launch the service once, the key is there, but it’s the same as i have registered my first device months ago.

And i cannot claim the device with this ID because it exist already in my account.

Most likely the RB servers identify an station by Internet’s IP address.

Option 1: Connect RPi to another router on another location (like a friend’s home), but first delete the existing station key from /etc/rbfeeder.ini before connecting it to your friend’s router.

Option 2: send an email to support and request 2nd feeder key under same email address.

Option 3: Create a new RB24 account with a different email address, and claim 2nd Pi while logged in to the 2nd account with 2nd email address.

One can have multiple Stations under same user name / same email address

I know, that was my goal :slight_smile:

I will try option 1 during christmas where i am with my family. If nothing works, i will contact the support.
Using a second account will not work, because the ID created will still be the same, so i will have the same problem on the second account.

Support has been replied:

The key is created from the MAC address of the pi, did you use Pi in the past originally and then swap it?

That means that you cannot use the key on a new device if you plan to keep the old device as a secondary station.
MAC change might work, but i am good with that solution. I followed their suggestion to setup the new device as new station not using the previous key
Both devices are up and running at RB24 now.

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This is strange. Support is totally ignorant.

On my Pi, in file /etc/rbfeeder.ini I commented out lines containing key and stn number (see below), and restarted rbfeeder. I got a brand new key and a brand new Stn number although it was same MAC address, and same IP :slight_smile:


pi@orangepipc:~$ sudo systemctl restart rbfeeder

pi@orangepipc:~$ sudo systemctl status rbfeeder

* rbfeeder.service - RBFeeder Service
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/rbfeeder.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Sat 2019-12-14 17:01:16 EST; 12s ago
 Main PID: 3701 (rbfeeder)
    Tasks: 10 (limit: 2072)
   Memory: 1.9M
   CGroup: /system.slice/rbfeeder.service
           `-3701 /usr/bin/rbfeeder

Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]  Network-mode enabled.
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]                  Remote host to fetch data:
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]                  Remote port: 30005
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]                  Remote protocol: BEAST
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]  System: raspberry
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]  Start date/time: 2019-12-14 17:01:16
Dec 14 17:01:16 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:16]  Socket for ANRB created. Waiting for connections on port 32088
Dec 14 17:01:17 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:17]  Connection established.
Dec 14 17:01:17 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:17]  Empty sharing key. We will try to create a new one for you!
Dec 14 17:01:18 orangepipc rbfeeder[3701]: [2019-12-14 17:01:18]  Your new key is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please save this

tried this also, wasn’t working for me, even a removal and reinstall of rbfeeder always restored the previous ID

Anyways, as i only replaced the Raspi and left the other part of setup as it is, i don’t care having the old station as a new one.