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How to get a 'real' reason for flight delays

My daughter has been trying to leave Tampa, Florida for New York for 3 days now. First when she boarded her Delta flight, they were told they
had computer problems, and asked to leave the plane. Then the were reboarded and then were told the flight was cancelled because of computer
problems in New York.
Next day she tries to leave, no luck, almost every flight from Delta, Tampe to Florida was delayed or cancelled.
Today, she was suppose to leave at 10:00, but Delta delayed their flight, this time with no reason… It just arrived at LGA at 2:45.

No reasons were really given. How can we get the details behind why this and other flights are delayed. The airline representatives just
say because

There were storms in the NYC area on the 9th and 10th. I think something like 400 flights in and out of the area were canceled each day. There’s a good chance that was the reason.

Most airports in the area had ground stops on inbound aircraft for several hours.

What difference does it make what the reason is? Feel secure in the knowledge that the airline is doing everything necessary to ensure you have a safe flight, including pulling an aircraft out of service.

The difference is whether passengers are compensated for the delay.

But, regardless of the reason for the delays and cancellations, I think it would be good customer service for airlines to be upfront with their customers and tell them the reasons for delays and cancellations.

I am all for the safety… But really, how much more would it take if the Airlines personnel just informed the passengers about
the reason. I dont think passengers would object.
But it is irritating when you ask for a reason and they dont give you any or just say because that is the way it is.

If a passenger is on a tight business schedule and the airlines they were taking all of sudden announced a delay, it would be important
for that passenger to know 1) What is the problem 2) How long will the delay be 3) If its a long delay switch to another airline.

Communications, that is what its all about, very simple

JHEM i have to agree with the other posts on this topic. I think most people while they may get frustrated for a delay would certainly understand if a proper explanation is given to them for the reason for the delay. Delta just thinks they can stomp on anyone they want just because they can. There isn’t a more arrogant airline out there then Delta. So I guess one must conclude that you work for them after that lame post you put up on the topic. As much as I think Delta stinks to high heaven I don’t think they would put people in danger and fly them into storms but just tell your paying passengers why. It isn’t that hard .

No “reason” will make those pushing for a “reason” happy. They say weather. The infrequent flier looks out the window and says “it looks fine here!” Air traffic… “well, send 'em the other way!” Crew rest. “Get another crew!”

It’s a pointless exercise.

There is no way that any airline will tell you, that the reason the flight has been delayed is, that due to Christmas they are unavailable to get a flight crew to fly the plane.