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How to fetch future schedules using Tail Number

Few tail numbers, I am interested in (N480MC, N485MC, N486MC), I am not able to find the future schedule for them.

AirlineFlightSchedules does not accept TailNumber as a parameter? Please help.

AirlineFlightSchedules only returns long-term, speculative flight schedules that are published by airlines months or weeks in advance, primarily for ticket booking purposes. That long-term schedule information does not have aircraft registration assignments, so you would only be able to find flight numbers using that function. However, those tail numbers appear to belong to Atlas Air, a cargo operator, so I would generally not expect AirlineFlightSchedules to have results for them.

Using FlightInfoEx and looking at the future flights listed there (typically for flightplans up to 48 hours in the future) is likely the best option for those specific aircraft.