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How-to Feed Plane Plotter Site directly from Raspberry Pi

Setting up the pi and 4 feeders took weeks. Really not keen to try and repeat that process

Is it possible to reverse steps 2.1 and to 2.2 from above?

(2) Build the Planeplotter uploader ppup1090 from source code of dump1090 (Malcolm Robb)

2.1 - Clone/download the dump1090 source code from Github.

cd ~
git clone git://github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090.git

2.2 - The downloaded directory’s name is dump1090 . To make it clear that this is not dump1090 mut or fa, but is PlanePlotter Uploader, change it’s name to ppup

sudo mv dump1090 ppup


sudo mv dum

Yes, it is simple.
Step (1) installs dependencies and tools which are harmless, rather useful (git, librtlsdr-dev, cmake, libusb-1.0.0-dev, pkg-config). No need to uninstall these.

Step 2.1 is cloning the source code, and 2.2 is entering the cloned folder and compiling the code, which did not complete and hence did NOT install anything in the Pi. Everything is inside cloned folder ppup. Just delete the folder ppup and that is all.

sudo rm -rf ppup  


I get your point.
It’s a case of choosing your poison I guess.