How to encode the url to get correct data from Flightxml


I am trying to connect to flightxml using SearchBirdeyeInFlight method. I had to encode the query part of the url using UTF8 encoder but it returns wrong data. The Geoevent server I am using doesn’t recognize { or = so I have to encode it. Unfortunately, the encoded url doesnt return the lat longs within the range. Please help!!{range lat 38.8863 40.897669} {range lon -79.03655 -77.1236 }

encoded url:\x3D\x7B\x72\x61\x6E\x67\x65\x20\x6C\x61\x74\x20\x33\x38\x2E\x38\x38\x36\x33\x20\x34\x30\x2E\x38\x39\x37\x36\x36\x39\x7D\x20\x7B\x72\x61\x6E\x67\x65\x20\x6C\x6F\x6E\x20\x2D\x37\x39\x2E\x30\x33\x36\x35\x35\x20\x2D\x37\x37\x2E\x31\x32\x33\x36\x7D\x26\x6F\x66\x66\x73\x65\x74\x3D\x30\x20\x20


You need to use standard percent encoding in URLs.

If your environment does not allow you to properly pass the intended arguments on the GET URL, you may alternatively convert it to a POST request and provide the arguments in body.


Thanks for replying!!
but even with percent encoding it doesn’t return the desired latitude and longitudes . Tried the below url in a browser and it returns data but not within the specified range of lat /long{range+lat+38.8863+40.897669}+{range+lon+-79.03655+-77.1236}


I believe the equal sign and ampersand characters cannot be encoded, since that is only done when you want to actually include those literal characters in the name or value.


That helped !! I left the ‘=’ and encoded the rest of the url. Thanks so much!!