How to delete old info


I am an android app user. My questiois, how can I delete old info. looked within app but couldn’t find method


Ditto. I now have three tracked flights in my android app that I can’t get rid of. Surely someone from FlightAware knows how to delete old data.


On the Android app, you should see some tabs toward the top such as “all, tail number, flight number, airport”. You can’t remove the recent flight from the “all” tab. You must be on the “flight number” tab if its a commercial flight, or “tail number” if its a personal plane. Once you’re on the correct tab, you press and hold over the flight you want to delete and a trashcan will appear. Once you hit the trash can icon, it will remove the flight from the recently searched flights. I hope this helps!


Wow, I never would have figured that out. Neither did the OP. Might I suggest that when on the Flight/Tail page that each flight that is listed there have a trashcan shown. Or, when on either page, a trashcan is shown in the upper right. When selected, a checkbox is shown within each flight. Then the user can select one, or more, flights to delete. In other words, something obvious, not obscure. :mrgreen:

Oh and thanks, the flights are now gone.


Thank you !!!