How to copy airport track patterns from FlightAware display?

I want to use an image of approach and take-off pattern for one airport, but I can’t figure out how to copy the image. It’s for a speech to INTER Airport Europe 2011. I’d appreciate detailed instructions. I found the note about how to credit FlightAware for the image.



Here’s detailed instructions on taking a screenshot if you’re a Windows users.

Thanks, mduell. What’s your favorite busy airport and I’ll use it in my talk? The point I’ll be making is that unusual operations may require flexibility about approaches and departures.

Depends what pattern you want to show. LAX is pretty simple, ATL has a lot more looping around.

KATL it is. The point I’ll be making is that one of the defensive measures an airport can take when faced with certain hazards or operational challenges is to be flexible with its operations including timing and flight paths. Thank you for your help. I’d send you the presentation for comment, but it’s about 8.5 MB.