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How to change --net-bo-port 30005

The port 30005 is occupied by another apps!
571 /usr/bin/piaware -p /run/piaware/piaware.pid -plainlog -statusfile /run/piaware/status.json
641 /usr/lib/piaware/helpers/faup1090 --net-bo-ipaddr localhost –net-bo-port 30005 --stdout --lat ****–lon ****
856 /usr/lib/piaware/helpers/fa-mlat-client --input-connect localhost:30005 --input-type dump1090 --results beast,connect,localhost:30104 --results beast,listen,30105
how can i change the port???

sudo piaware-config -showall

Maybe that will help you?

If you’re running a piaware sd-card image and want dump1090-fa to use a different port, that’s not possible i believe.

The dump1090-fa settings are in

You can update them and restart dump1090-fa and possibly piaware for them to take affect.

What is the other app that wants that port?

NKN: Network Infra for Decentralized Internet

The,NKN Blockchain use 30000-30005,the six ports!!!