How to Aggregate FF Android App feed with RPi dump1090 feed?

How to merge feed from my FA Android Feeder to RPi dump1090?

I connected my Android (with FA android feeder running) to same LAN as my RPi, using WiFi. Then gave following command:

sudo socat -u TCP:<IP address of Android on LAN>:30005 TCP: & disown   

Response was:

[1] 2530
2015/10/12 19:20:29 socat[2531] E connect(3, AF=2 <IP address of Android on LAN>:30005, 16): Connection refused

Any advise how to aggregate?

I am a complete NOOB when it comes to linux. I ran the command and the response I got was:
[1] 2678
I do not know what the code means but I do see a combined feed.

…and I have a question :slight_smile:
how do I always run this script at startup?

Sorry for a a really stupid question and trhis will tell you how much I know about linux!

I think there is an app setting somewhere that turns on the external port.

I checked settings on FF android app, but did not find any option to turn on an external port .

Since your device allowed connection, while mine did not, may be connectivity is device dependent. Mine is Samsung Galaxy S4. Which make/model of device (Phone / Tablet) you used?

Another possibility is OS version. mine is Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop). Which version of Android your device has?

Im using the ancient S3 with cynogenmod 11 (Kitkat 4.4.4)

So you have an open OS cynogenmod 11!
My phone was provided by the Cellular phone company. Possibly restriction to access the phone from WiFi was incorporated in the Android OS by the phone company…but wait… I can see the phone’s gmap.html on my desktop (](http://)<phone’s IP address on my LAN>:8080), so restriction to access phone from LAN/WiFi is not there… or may be restriction is there, but access to port 8080 was opened by Flightaware’s FF App. The “Settings” tab on App does not have an option to open any other port.

So I have to replace my phone’s OS by cynogenmod…risky… will void warranty & may result phone no more working as a phone :frowning: